Less stress, more time, greater JOY!

We help people get organized so they can do what they were born to do.
Is your home your sanctuary?

Are you stressed out about not being able to find things, spending money on late fees because your paperwork is in disarray, and having fights with your family members due to disorganization? Organizing your home will help!
Can you locate your important papers?
Does running your business (or even your home!) feel like constantly fighting fires?  Systems are the key to efficient and effective business. Identifying problem areas and implementing strategies (systems) in your business will increase productivity, morale, and your bottom line.
Are your end of life papers in order?
Are you worried about what will happen to your family members after you’re gone?  Prevent administrative chaos and family strife by putting your estate paperwork in order long before you go. This is the greatest gift you can give your family.

Honolulu Professional Organizers

We help people get organized so they can do what they were born to do.  Clients call us because they have a problem. They have had a major life change (a death, a birth, a marriage, a move).  They need help putting their life back into order after this change. Or, they call us because they may have never learned how to organize in the first place. They feel the disorganization is holding them back.  We help clients organize specific areas of their life (space, time, mind).  Ultimately we help them have less stress, more time, and greater JOY!  As Hawaii Professional Organizers, we are committed to best practices and lifelong learning.  Therefore, we belong to the following professional organizer associations:

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2 Minute Tip: DO IT NOW

Today is yesterday’s “tomorrow”. This year is last year’s “next year”. We put off something until “tomorrow” because we don’t feel like doing it today. Will we feel like doing it tomorrow? Probably not. Will the undesirabletask be any more desirable in the future?...

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Did you know that it's NOT your job to clean up your children’s toys?  It’s true! Teaching your children to put their toys and clean clothes away, bring over their dishes, and keep their rooms and bathrooms tidy will not only make your life easier, it will help...

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Before & After: Bookcase

Bookcase - Before Open view shelving, as is the case with this bookcase, often provides a challenge for clients who don't want to have everything "out" and in view. Bookcase - After In this case, the client either discarded or relocated a number of the items that were...

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Before & After: Garage

This garage had a lot of outdated work-related supplies as well as some personal items. There were some not-yet-assembled shelving units that would come in very handy once we started! Ta-da! What a difference! Our client got rid of a LOT of items they no longer needed...

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If you have decided you want to get organized but are very busy and do not have large blocks of time to devote to your organizational projects, commit to doing a certain amount (even 5 minutes) each day. It is best to do the work at the same time each day so you...

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National Association of Professional Organizers- 5 Year Circle