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Your Master Project List serves as the repository for ALL the organizing, household, and other projects you need (or would like) to do. 

It helps you prioritize

  • What REALLY needs to be done (1st priority)
  • What you’d like to get to sometime in the next couple months (2nd Priority)
  • What you would like to do in a perfect world of endless time (“Someday/Maybe” projects) 

Writing down your Master Project List forces you to be realistic about the sheer amount of things you’d like to accomplish in the limited about of time you have and makes you aware of how many projects you’ve already started (and not yet finished).

NOTE: Attaching “next actions” to each of the projects on your master project list helps you to “move the ball forward” on multiple projects at the same time.

  • The “project” is the outcome you want to achieve (whether organize my photos or update my will)
  • The “next action” is the immediate next task you need to accomplish to move that project forward

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