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While your “Master Project List” contains all your high-level “outcomes” you’d like to accomplish within a certain time period, your “next action” list contains the more immediate tasks or “next actions” related to those projects. 

Productivity guru and creator of the “Getting Things Done” methodology, David Allen, teaches that for every project you have, you’ll want to identify an immediate “next action” and put that on a “next action” list.

Example:  If the project is “Plan Maile’s Baby Luau” the next action may be “text Heidi for name of caterer she used”.

It’s helpful to have categories in your Next Action List so you group like kind of tasks together either by type of action or location where you need to be to complete it, for example:

  • @ HOME
  • @ OFFICE
  • @ ONLINE

You may notice that some actions never seem to get done…Challenge yourself! Do these items first! You’ll gain momentum and feel good about the fact that you’ve checked those jobs off your list!

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