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Jewelry and accessories punctuate your outfit. Having them organized and easily accessible makes it more enjoyable, not to mention easier, to get ready each day. 

  • Take out all jewelry and accessories (belts, hats, handbags, sunglasses, etc) and place them on your bed or kitchen table so you have a global sense of what you have. 
  • Sort like items together and discard or donate what no longer suits you. If you don’t currently accessorize as much as you like because your accessories are disorganized or hard to access:
    • Considering making use of vertical space on the inside of a cabinet door or the back of a bedroom door to store items. Amazon has over the door shoe organizers that are either clear mesh or clear vinyl that are great for storing accessories.
    • For those items you keep in drawers, use dividers to keep them separated and visible.
  • Designate a spot for a special dish or tray on your bathroom counter or dresser for your daily use items (wedding ring, watch, etc.).

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