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It’s been nearly a month of organizing spaces now so you know the drill!  As with other areas, take everything out of the freezer and wipe it down. You now have a clean slate for storing items. 

  • Sort like items together and discard items that are too old for consumption.
    • Make a quick list of things you have in the freezer to use for meal planning this week and next.
    • Moving forward, make a habit to take a peak in the freezer when you are meal planning.
    • Wondering how long these will keep in the fridge and freezer?  Here’s what the FDA recommends.
  • If you don’t already have this practice in place, label items that are going back in the freezer so you can easily identify what they are.
    • You can use a labeler or just a piece of masking tape and a sharpie. 
    • In the future, include both the item and the date you put it in there. 
  • Excess air in containers or plastic bags can result in freezer burn so use containers and bags that are sized according to the amount of food you have to freeze.

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