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Every time you say “YES” to something, you automatically say “NO” to something else. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of commitments you have on your personal, professional, and family calendars, it’s time to regroup and reset!

  • Make a list of all regular events that each member of the family participates in each week. Consider if there’s anything that can be phased out. If, for example, your son is loving soccer, perhaps it’s time to phase out the karate which is not his fave anymore.
  • Think hard before saying YES to something new. Then, consider “what will have to go in order to make time for that new commitment?”. Is it your workout, your time with your partner, your meditation time…is it worth it????
  • Schedule “down time”. Yes…down time often does need to get scheduled. Kids and adults alike need time to regroup and refresh without always having to be somewhere doing something. Consider setting one day/time a week in which the family plans to be chilling at home. If it’s not possible to have the same day/time each week due to varying schedules, plug in a scheduled down time each week based on that week’s schedule.

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