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A cluttered email box causes overwhelm and saps productivity. Be very choosy about what you let in your digital “home”.

  • Clarify what’s important to you NOW, in THIS season of your life. Unsubscribe from any emails that don’t fit into the key themes you’ve identified.
    • Personal example: I love wine! I like “Wine Folly” and other wine-related newsletters…but I’m not drinking wine these days so those emails subscriptions just got the boot!
  • Challenge yourself to unsubscribe to a certain amount of email subscriptions today. I just unsubscribed to over 20 newsletters. Try to beat me!
  • Forget FOMO! If you end up unsubscribing to something you end up wanting again in the future, you can always re-subscribe.

P.S. If you are an Aloha Organizers newsletter subscriber and you don’t find our emails helpful, PLEASE unsubscribe! I promise we won’t have hurt feelers! 🙂

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