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massage gift certificateI’m going to shoot it to you straight…those Christmas gifts you plan to buy will very possibly create clutter for your friends and family.


Well, your loved ones weren’t necessarily expecting those particular gifts.  They may not have a home for them, a need for them, or a use for them.  Heck, they might not even like them!

But out of deference to you and your thoughtfulness, they will end up KEEPING those gifts, and then will have to hire Aloha Organizers to come over, help them declutter, and assuage their guilt at getting rid of gifts you gave them that didn’t suit!

True story!

So how about giving one of these five Christmas gifts that won’t create clutter, but instead will create comfort, delight, and memories! I like to call them “gift experiences”!



You may find it impersonal, but a gift card to your loved one’s favorite restaurant or coffee place is practical and useful, and very likely to be treasured and enjoyed. Want to make it a little more personal?  Enclose it in a heartfelt card that tells them how much they mean to you.  Now THAT’s personal!


Gift certificates to a beloved activity (the movies, bowling, the zoo, golf, ) are fun and functional.  Want to personalize it…plan a time where you can enjoy that activity with your loved one.  Pick a date and time when you (and your families, if appropriate) can do the activity TOGETHER.  (Just don’t hit them up to pay for your movie ticket…that’s THEIR gift :)).

The point is to not only treat them to an activity they love, but also take the opportunity to enjoy that activity with them.


This is a no-brainer.  Massages, facials, pedicures, manicures…these self-care gifts are always a hit.  If your loved one is a guy, you’ll want to make sure they dig these kind of treatments.  Some dudes get a little bit skittish about this kind of stuff.  🙂

If your male loved ones live on their own and are not a big fan of cleaning but appreciate a clean house, pampering for them might be a professional house-cleaning service gift certificate!

#4 GIFT EXPERIENCE: Parents Night Out

If your loved ones have small kids, give them a “Parents Night Out” certificate entitling them to a date night while you take care of their kiddos.  Feeling especially generous?  Include a sleepover in the deal so they can do a one-night staycation at a local hotel.  Now THAT’s a night out!

 #5 GIFT EXPERIENCE: Help with a “Bogus Mission”

In my family we have a term called “Bogus Missions”.  These are things you have to do but don’t really want to do.  There’s usually a fair amount of procrastination involved in getting them done.  It might be organizing your kitchen or painting a bedroom or even moving.  If your loved one has a “bogus mission” in their near future and they could use your assistance, gift them the gift of your time and a certificate toward that mission.  I would absolutely love help on any of my bogus missions, because ultimately, it’s the anticipation which is the worst.  When you know that you’re going to have moral support on the mission, it actually begins to feel less bogus!

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