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6 Simple Shifts toward a More Organized New Year

I visited family in CA over Christmastime and was over at my brother Mike’s house, on New Year’s eve day. He was excited to show me his “purge” pile of clothes that he cleared out of his closet that day. I asked him why he’d done it and he stated quite matter-of-factly that he received new clothes for Christmas and it was time to purge out the old. I was impressed.

He showed me his closet and it seriously looked like a Simply Organized Freedom Rail display. There were nicely starched color-ordered dress shirts with plenty of room to view options, t-shirts neatly folded and easy to see, even pre-printed labels on the various built-in drawers and shelves. While I would expect something like that in my own closet, it was inspiring to see a loved one rocking such an organized system.

Are YOU ready to feel inspired this year…getting more organized will help you get there!

Here are six simple shifts toward a more organized new year.

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