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Organizing sometimes means helping a family deal with the loss of a loved one.  We were honored to work with our client, Michelle, with a very special project.

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We were honored to have the opportunity to work with Emi Hart, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and the queen of Yelp Hawaii.

Here’s what she shared about her experience:

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“Hi Betty,

My daughter was very impressed at the progress we have made. In fact, her fiancé liked our labels so much that I ended up getting him an identical label maker for his birthday which was last week. I have also shared the SPACE concept with her. (Incidentally, we both thought that it was more intuitive to call the E in SPACE Eternalize.) I’m starting to look at every closet and drawer with a different eye, thinking of how I can apply SPACE throughout the whole house. I’m on a roll!

-Susan Inouye, Honolulu, HI

“Aloha Nancy,

Thank you so much for setting up the session with Coco. She was so helpful. I really appreciate all the work she did. I can’t tell you how much time it has saved me and how much relief it gives me to have this help. Coco asked me how I decided to contact you regarding organizing. At the time I couldn’t remember. Later I remembered that I had a list of ‘things I would do if money were no object.’ On my list was hire a professional organizer. I had no idea that it would be so affordable and easy to set up. Thank you very much.”

-Susan Oetting, Kaneohe, HI

I’m still in awe of the work that got accomplished today! I can’t thank Beth and Emma enough for the help they gave me! There is still some work to do, but what we accomplished…is WAY MORE than I had expected and Beth is wonderful and kind in her methods. She is efficient, focused and so sweet. She gave wonderful advice and I couldn’t have done this unpack with my sanity intact without your crew. Thank you so much Nancy!”

-Maryam Butler, Kailua, HI

“Hi Nancy and Beth,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for helping AJ and I move towards our finish line of cleaning up and organizing our garage once and for all!

You were both so professional, helpful, and patient – yet assertive, which is what we needed. Your probing and direct questions helped us move forward on letting go of items and clearing space for our current lives.

I am excited about our new use of space for our entire family! Thanks again.


-Patricia Halagao, Honolulu, HI

“Dear Nancy,

Greg and I love the work you do!  We absolutely love the curio cabinet now and are so excited to have you help us organize the other cabinets, etc!

Greg loved the way you organized the silver and blue items.  It’s perfect.

It was also a joy working with you!”

-Jann, Honolulu, HI


I cannot describe how good it feels loading over ½ a car bags and boxes full of stuff to Salvation Army!!! So wonderful.  Thank you so much.”

-Leslee, Kailua, HI

“Nancy and Raena,

We cannot thank you enough for getting our house entirely organized and clean! It’s been absolutely, 100% life-changing for our family. As you know, we’ve been so busy with both of us working full-time and having a young daughter. We would routinely get frustrated in the mornings before work because of the clutter and not being able to find anything. This would always lead to us starting off our day, negative and frustrated. Not anymore.

We have to admit it was not easy at first to go through our belongings and throw them away or put it aside to donate. You really helped change our mindset on these items in deciding whether we really needed to keep them or not. We especially love that you helped us find and establish ‘homes’ for our stuff that would be easily accessible. This makes it so much easier to put things back where they belong; there’s no excuse for not keeping it neat around here now!

We had our first Sunday breakfast together as a family in our clean and organized house, thanks to you. It always seemed like we would never have any time to get organized. Not only have you completely overhauled all the clutter we had in our house, but you have given us the incredible jump start we needed to get our lives organized and to work towards keeping it that way.

Seriously, you ladies are beyond amazing and we really appreciate all your hard work and time in helping us overhaul all the clutter we needed to get rid of and to give us a much-needed fresh, organized start as a family. Also, those Birthday Bucks are so AWESOME!

Thanks Nancy for sending us our housework assignments! We’ll definitely be on top of it. Looking forward to receiving your business cards so we can refer our family and friends to you!

Thank you BIG time.”

-Nani, Dave, Leila and Pinot (our dog) 
The Hanus Family, Honolulu, HI

“I have used Nancy as an organizer for my house and she is a life saver. So when my parents passed away and my brothers’, who both live on the mainland, granted me the task of scanning over 1,000 pictures…the first person I thought of was Nancy.

Nancy and I worked together on a family photo organizing project in 2010. It was important to me to organize the photos to then have them digitized to be able to share and preserve their memory. This is the kind of project that can be challenging to do on your own as there is so much emotion and nostalgia as you go through your family history in photos. It was great to have Nancy there going through the process with me. She enjoyed learning about my family from Japan as well as what it was like growing up on the mainland U.S. and then in Hawaii. In addition to helping me sort and prep the photos for scanning, she also made recommendations on scanning vendors.

For any large project, I would recommend using Nancy. She can do a lot in a small amount of time. ”
-Diane Pang, Honolulu, HI

“Thanks Nancy – I feel the need to connect and say thanks as a reminder and acknowledgment for Myself … and to share the appreciation with & for You for what we accomplished on Tuesday! For me, aside from the list that you were compiling as we went along, I felt that I did a significant thing by asking for and accepting your help. It felt good to level with myself (and you) about what my challenges are. And, to be heard and acknowledged by you as well as staying open to your constructive, considerate, compassionate, helpful feedback. I was a little a worn out when we finished, but I felt I did some important ‘digging’ and ‘show and tell’. Thanks for meeting me where I was at with respect and thoughtful consideration.”
-Stephanie Tapia, Honolulu, HI