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Hal Wilkerson, Hawaii business professional, shares how working with Aloha Organizers helped him to increase productivity and efficiency and decrease frustration in his business.


Transcript of testimonial:

Hi, my name is Hal Wilkerson, and I’m in medical sales, and I wanted to just say how amazed my wife and I have been with the services of Aloha Organizers and Nancy specifically. Nancy has exceeded our expectations completely.

Our situation is a little bit different. We really needed some organization for our business, not necessarily for residents as much as our business.

There’s really two key components to our business in medical sales: it’s our sample and storage areas as well as our office. Nancy just came in a couple of weeks ago, and she completely revamped our storage system – which we didn’t really even have one in our storage area – she’s got it all completely organized.

We now have a system of bins. We have a system of flowing from hot to cold that just has really taken what used to take probably ten percent of our time in prime just by nature being able to find things quicker, faster, easier. Just due to the nature of my business, I know every business is different, but with ours we have things constantly coming in and constantly going out.

Nancy was able to assess everything that we do, and she was able to basically say “Okay, here’s where you should go, and this is kind of the path you should go down.” We started that a few weeks ago. Immediately we saw an improvement in our efficiency. Immediately we saw an improvement in our work output. It’s been very good.

Today we just completed an office revamp, and she’s done some really innovative things with our filing system and with the way we’ve placed things in our office. It’s been very very helpful.

If you’re a business owner, and you’re looking for someone to improve the efficiencies of your work processes and your workflows, someone that will truly cater to what your business is, because we all know every business is different, you can’t go wrong with Nancy and Aloha Organizers. Thank you Nancy for all you did. We’re very very happy with everything that you did. Thanks.

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