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It feels awful to say it but many people DREAD the holidays.  They end up being so stressed trying to get everything done and keep everyone else happy they miss the reason for the season!

Aloha Organizers Christmas Concierge program was born out of comments from our clients who were STRESSING hard during the holidays in previous years.  They were so focused on buying gifts, decorating spaces, and sending out cards, that they felt anxious rather than merry.

If you plan ahead and solicit help, you can, indeed, ROCK Christmas in a meaningful and enjoyable way, minus all that hustle-bustle stress!

So this year, go for a Christmas with less stress, more time, and greater JOY by taking advantage of our Christmas Concierge Program.



TIME FRAME:  November 2015 – January 2016

OVERVIEW: We do the decorating, the set-up, the clean-up, the shopping,  the wrapping, the card management, etc. so you can enjoy the season!


  • Holiday Decoration Set-Up
  • Holiday Decoration Take-Down
  • Holiday Decoration Decluttering/Organization
  • Gift & Supply Purchasing – Online
  • Gift & Supply Purchasing – Local Stores
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Gift Delivery
  • Holiday Card Management (Production, List Creation, Labeling, Mailing)




  1. Review the menu of services above & select the ones you need.
  2. Review your calendar to determine available dates and times.
  3. Phone/email us to reserve your preferred time slot.  808-347-7480 
  4. We’ll phone you to confirm your vision, your preferred date, and the appropriate size crew you’ll need.
  5. Your Christmas Crew arrives on the scheduled day to JOYFULLY assist with your Christmas needs!

We did this in beta form last year and it was a BIG HIT.  Contact us today to secure your preferred dates!

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