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Though it comes around every year, Christmas always seems to surprise us on the financial side.

This sometimes causes us to end with with heaps of credit card card bills and a money hangover in January.

Here are a couple quick tips.  Grab a pen and 15 minutes and start itemizing these things today.  Just the process of getting this on paper will make you feel a WHOLE lot better.


Create a tentative budget for the following items:

  1. Christmas gifts (see below)
  2. Christmas decorations (the tree, as well as any other new decor you’ll be purchasing)
  3. Christmas celebrations (this includes the big ones like Christmas Eve and Christmas day, plus any other dinner parties or get together you plan to have)
  4. Christmas outfits (do you a need a new dress for that formal party you’ll be attending?
  5. Any other purchase that is needed for your own situation

Don’t be surprised if you have some sticker shock during this process.  That’s kind of the point.

Get a sense of how much you TRULY spend or plan to spend over the season.  Then make cuts where you can.  Involving your spouse and family in the process is a great idea.



Make a gift list for everyone for whom you intend to buy a gift.  It’s great to do these in excel so you can automatically add up your costs.   Here’s a sample of the type of spreadsheet you could use to track your gifts.


Xmas List - Sample


If you’d like to download the blank sample of this document for your own tracking purposes, go here:

Xmas List – Template


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