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Planning a holiday party can be great fun, but it can also be A LOT of stress, particularly if that’s not your strength.  One way to alleviate that stress is to work with an event management company who does all the work for you.  We recommend Gourmet Events Hawaii.

If you have the party-planning piece down pat and don’t need a planner, one thing you might want to consider for your parties big or small are staffing services.  Gourmet Events provides servers, bartenders, set-up, and clean-up crews.

Care for a Christmas cocktail? We're serving them up all evening!

Care for a Christmas cocktail? Gourmet Events Hawaii staff are serving them up all season!

When you’re at your party, you just want to enjoy yourselves and visit with your guests.  Delegating the staffing to trusted professionals helps you do just that!

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