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Years ago I bought three boxes of a Christmas card that really resonated with me. They’ve been in my Christmas box for years, so this year, I sent them out to clients and colleagues. I didn’t have enough to send that same card to everyone, but I noticed something interesting. A number of people who did receive that particular card mentioned it to me and were blessed by it.

A fellow organizer wrote me an email sharing, “I’m using your Christmas card as a checklist, (geeky, I know, it’s even on my wall), but it’s SO good for the whole year. Thank you for it!”

One of my clients framed it and then posted a picture of the framed card on Facebook (shown below).

A Christmas message that is applicable all year long

A Christmas message that is applicable all year long

What was it about that card, that message, that struck a chord with me and so many other people?

It’s the message of appreciation, of gratitude, of love that rises up from the card. There is a spirit of gentleness being released from the words. When I read it, I immediately feel my heart rate start to slow down and a peacefulness come upon me.

It’s such a pleasant antidote to the frenzy that regretfully is associated with the Christmas season. But if you’re like me, you experience that frenzy all year long.

At the end of the day, at the end of our lives, will all that stuff that made us feel frenzied really matter. Probably not…

So today, I’m adhering to these words.

“Speak your love. Speak it again. Speak it still once again.”

It doesn’t matter how productive or how organized I am if I don’t do this…

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