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5 Time-Wasters That Hurt Your Productivity

Organization and productivity go hand-in-hand. I see organization as the infrastructure on which things are built and productivity as the ability to thrive within that sound infrastructure.

Regretfully, in the course of busy daily life, we often engage in activities that dramatically reduce our productivity (without even knowing it!). Here are ones that I have found to be particularly dangerous:

#1 Resentment
Resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness…the mental energy that gets zapped due to these emotions is massive. How much time is spent being mad at someone or frustrated with some situation? All of that time and energy is a distraction from the task at hand. Verbal process your emotions with a trusted friend, loved one, or counselor so you can find a way to release the toxicity. It does not serve you. We can all take a cue from Elsa in the Frozen movie and “let it go”!

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