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OK, I admit it. I’m a bit of an information hoarder. And I love a good idea. I love learning new things and sharing those things I find valuable with others. I like sending articles to people in the mail…a fun practice I learned from my mom. 😊

But sometimes, we suffer from too MANY inputs, too many “good ideas”.

We have…

  • Email newsletters crowding our inbox
  • Junk mail and other solicitations cluttering our mailbox
  • TV, radio, and internet advertising filling up our head space
  • Magazines, newspapers, and other publications taking up counter and coffee table space

Sometimes, you don’t need another “input”, you don’t need another “good idea”…what you need is the application of things you already know!

Ideas can be clutter too…and even if they are “good” ones. If you have a plethora of good ideas and they are holding you back due to the sheer volume of them, it’s time to take inventory.

When you manage and limit the information that’s coming in to your head space, you’ll be more effective and productive with the important projects you already have going on in your life!

How do you manage and limit inputs?

  • Remove yourself from email newsletters that don’t provide value to you at this moment in your life. Don’t fret…you can always re-subscribe if you miss them.
  • Remove your name from junk mail and direct marketing lists. Go here for some options for free and paid removal from such lists.
  • Don’t renew publications you’re not currently reading or enjoying.
  • When good ideas come to mind that you are not able or willing to implement at this time, put them on a “Someday/Maybe” list to park them for while. This will get them out of your head and into a secure place until such time as you want to revisit them.

Hope that helps!

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