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What if you could DRAMATICALLY improve your life in just 5 minutes a day?

You CAN!

I have heard about this practice for some years now, but only picked it up myself recently.  And I’m loving it already!

It’s called “The Five-Minute Journal”. The basic premise is starting and ending your day with gratitude.

Now we’ve all heard time and again that having an “attitude of gratitude” is good for you, but this book gives you the physical trigger to actually do it!

Here’s what this book and practice can be for you:

A daily journal to recognize the joy in everyday life

  • Begin the day right: When you start the day on the right note, things automatically start to fall in place. Every day.
  • Cultivate Gratitude: Gratitude is the opposite of depression and anxiety. It’s the conscious experience of appreciation of the gifts in our lives and the results are tangible.
  • Reflection: Ending the day on the right note can be essential to a good night’s sleep, eliminating negative thought loops and learning more about yourself.

Here’s to your organized, joy-filled life!



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