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(In the photo above, meet Barre instructor, Richie, on left, and Barre instructor and owner, Melissa, on right)

In August I shared a blog post about the dramatically positive effect a “Barnabas” figure can have in one’s life. A “Barnabas” is someone who stands by your side, supports you when nobody else does, and sees the gold in you that you cannot even see in yourself.  (See “Everyone Needs A Barnabas” for the full post.)

I described that our ultimate mission as professional organizers is to call out the gold in our clients just as Barnabas called out the gold in Paul.

Well there was one part of the story I left out.  I have an awful lot of Barnabases in my life.  I actually wrote a blog post about them last month, but never got around to publishing it.  They deserve to know their impact, however, so I’m publishing it today.

NOTE: These are not people I talk to every day or people I am even close with socially.  But through their walking out their God-given destiny in their individual fields they are making a great impact on my life, and for that, I honor them.

Here are my recent “”Barnabases.” The funny thing is they have absolutely no idea what they have done for me! But their impact has been powerful nevertheless.

I want to acknowledge them and thank them publically for not only calling out the gold in me but also making use of their God-given talents to bless the lives of others.

1) Kai of Zumba with Kai

Kai is my Zumba teacher who teaches out of Palolo Elementary school. I am new to Zumba and haven’t exchanged more than 10 words with Kai, but his teaching has blessed me more than he knows. He has such a positive spirit, an upbeat and encouraging attitude, and a lot of great dance moves. He has created an amazing community of Zumba enthusiasts who clearly enjoy the experience on many levels. I often tear up when I’m there because I feel simply blessed to be in the presence of someone who uses his talents to build up others.

2) Richie of Sweat & Soul Studio

Sweat & Soul Studio offers barre classes, an exercise class similar to a Pilates mat class. I started going to Sweat & Soul in June and my first experience was an emotional one.

I was apprehensive about trying out the class already, given that I hadn’t exercised in quite some time. I was planning to go with my friend but she had a schedule conflict and wasn’t able to make it that first day. I was coming off a a very chaotic day. Plus, I was late!

So I entered the very first class late, holding back tears, and end up being on a mat in the front! I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb being a tall, inflexible newbie in the midst of what seemed to be a sea of veteran, flexible petite Barre masters!

By the end of the class I was actually crying.  The tough exercise compounded with the weight of the day became too much for me. Sensing my distraught state, Richie was incredibly gracious and offered great encouragement. She didn’t see me as pathetic and ridiculous. She saw me as brave and in need of an act of kindness. She turned what could have been a really awful exercise experience into a gift.

3) Melissa of Sweat & Soul Studio

Melissa is the owner of Sweat & Soul Studio. Her sweet nature has clearly been sown into the atmosphere of the studio because all of the instructors share her heart for people. She has a reverence for the body that helps you to look at yourself differently. Melissa’s unrelenting honor for the human body and its attributes changes your thinking from “that sucks I’m so inflexible” to “wow, I can stretch more this week than I could last week!”
This passionate entrepreneur has created an exercise studio like the bar “Cheers, where everybody knows your name.” I may always place my mat in the back of the room to stay under the radar but I so appreciate when she comes by to help me refine my moves or give me a word of encouragement. I so appreciate the opportunity to challenge myself physically in a safe space where somebody knows my name.

4) Sue of Crossroads Professional Coaching

Sue, a Christian business coach, is another person who doesn’t actually really know me. In the very near future, I will be working with her one on one for some business coaching. Prior to selecting her as a coach, I did internet research on the various options out there for a Christian-minded business coach.

What so impressed me about Sue is her website which is packed with free resources and helpful hints. Through her “Crossroads Clarity Kit”, a free resource on her site, I discovered some incredible “ah-has” about my own business and some very specific opportunities for growth and improvement.

Sue’s time, effort, wisdom and thoughtfulness, that went into that “Clarity Kit” will definitely pay enormous dividends in my business. I find that concept amazing…in her doing what she was designed to do (creating specific materials and coaching other business owners to discover and get to where they need to go), my business ends up being extremely blessed.

Everybody needs a Barnabas…or two or three or more.  I am blessed that I get to BE a Barnabas every day as I work with my professional organizing clients.

But I wouldn’t be positioned to do that and to do that with excellence without the Barnabases in my life.

These include the ones very close to me, like my besties, and the ones like Kai, Richie, Melissa, and Sue who don’t even know the incredible impact they are having on my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Thank you, Barnabases (Kai, Richie, Melissa, Sue)…you bless me immensely!

TAKE ACTION:  After reading this article, did you discover a Barnabas in your own life?  Send them an email, a text, give them a phone call, write them a letter…let them know how much of a positive impact that made on your life.  If you want to go public, post it in the comments below! 🙂

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