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June is a great time for organizing! School’s out, many people have vacation time, and it’s the midway point of the year.

If you are familiar with Aloha Organizers services, you may recall starting in 2015, we offered an “EXPRESS Service”, which was four hours of organizing with one of our associate organizers.  While many clients had great success and accomplished much in those four hours, we found the name “EXPRESS” confused some people.  For some, the term invoked a feeling of rushing which is not at all what we intended, nor what we advocate.

So we have renamed the service our “JUMPSTART Service” which much more accurately represents the offering:  a four-hour session ideal for people who need a “jump start” to help them begin the organizing process.

Are you ready to “JUMPSTART” June?  Book a “JUMPSTART Service” in June and mention the word Jumpstart20 to get $20 OFF your JUMPSTART Service!

“Whatever can be accomplished in 4 hours”

The Particulars


  • 10 minute phone (or virtual) consult to assess needs and devise action plan
  • Determine 1-3 areas/outcomes to be addressed during the session
  • Client sends (via text/email) 3-5 pictures of the areas to be addressed


  • 1st 15 minutes of session – Action Planning & goals finalized (using Aloha Organizers signature “Road Map”)
  • 3.5 hours of focused work
  • Last 15 minutes of session – Cleanup and suggested next steps (re-book if client desires)


  • $200 Honolulu
  • $250 Ewa Plain, Central Oahu, Windward
  • $350 North Shore, Leeward Coast

*Plus Hawaii State General Excise Tax, ADVANCED PAYMENT REQUIRED

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