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We regularly get calls from prospective clients asking us how much it costs to get organized.

The answer varies person by person and house by house.  There are a lot of variables…

  • How big is your space?
  • How much extra stuff do you have?
  • How “ready” are you to take on this project?
  • How quick are you at making decisions?

So here is our pricing schedule:


Our standard session is 3-4 hours (3-hour minimum.) We collect payment upon completion of each session. This way, if clients have a large project, they can budget their sessions over time and work incrementally.



  • $50 (Associate Organizer rate)
  • $65 (Owner Organizer rate)

Ewa Plain/Central Oahu/Windward 

  • $60 (Associate Organizer rate)
  • $80 (Owner Organizer rate)

North Shore/Leeward Coast  

  • $70 (Associate Organizer rate)
  • $100 (Owner Organizer rate)



  • 15 minute complimentary PHONE consultation ($25 value)
  • 30 minute complimentary IN-PERSON consultation for Honolulu residents with larger projects* ($100 value)

Consultation Guidelines

  • Complimentary in-person consultations in Honoulu are NOT provided for smaller projects ($1,000 minimum budget required).  For smaller projects, we typically recommend the JUMPSTART service (see below)
  • Consultations at locations outside of Honolulu are charged at the rate of $100, plus tax.
  • Skype and FaceTime consultations are available free of charge for those living outside Honolulu.

We also offer an ALTERNATIVE OPTION for clients who either have a smaller project or who just want to “try us on for size” before doing a full scale organizing project. This service is ideal for people who need a “jumpstart” to help them begin the organizing process, and is therefore known as our “JUMPSTART Service”.

“Whatever can be accomplished in 4 hours”


  • 10 minute phone (or virtual) consult to assess needs and devise action plan
  • Determine 1-3 areas/outcomes to be addressed during the session
  • Client sends (via text/email) 3-5 pictures of the areas to be addressed


  • 1st 15 minutes of session – Action Planning & goals finalized (using Aloha Organizers “Road Map”)
  • 3.5 hours of focused work
  • Last 15 minutes of session – Cleanup and suggested next steps (re-book if client desires)


  • $200 Honolulu
  • $250 Ewa Plain, Central Oahu, Windward
  • $350 North Shore, Leeward Coast
  • (Plus Hawaii State General Excise Tax)

P.S. For me the more important question is NOT, “how much does it cost to get organized?” but rather “how much does it cost to be DISORGANIZED!???”  It costs way too much time, energy, and money!!!

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