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The New Year’s Resolutions Series shares Nancy’s personal insights and recommendations to support you in achieving your New Year’s Resolutions.  All of the recommendations are things that Nancy has found helpful in her own resolution journey over the years OR things she will be trying out this year.

When I first graduated from college, I was an exercise fanatic.  I left my house in the four o’clock hour every morning to hit the gym before work.  Those were the days… (were they?).

Anyway, since that period in my early twenties, I haven’t found my groove in exercise.  I’ve tried different things, but haven’t stuck with any of them for a long period of time.  Thankfully, I have a job where I’m very active so I get “organic” exercise in on the job, but I still wanted to have an exercise “practice” where I could build cardio endurance and strength.

aftershock-dvdsSeven weeks ago, I started a program that I’ve stuck with thus far.  It’s called “Metabolic Aftershock“.  Per their website, “Metabolic Aftershock introduces you to ‘intelligent’ exercises that are short, fun, thrilling, and can be done anywhere without weights or gym equipment. These scientifically-based 45-second movements take only 15 minutes, 3 times per week, and will reprogram, recharge, and reboot your metabolism.*

Seven weeks ago, I couldn’t do more than one regular pushup, before having to switch to the modified version (knees down).

Today, I do anywhere between 12-15 regular pushups in the warmup!

There is no special equipment required and the entire program including the warmup takes only 17 minutes, so I really have no excuses.  What’s also really kept me accountable to the routine is that my cousin who lives in New York is doing it as well.  Since he’s five hours ahead, he often does it before I wake up and then texts me to make sure I get my “aftershock” in.

If you are uninspired in your exercise routine or hampered by time constraints, this may be a perfect solution for you.

P.S. If you find you do better with group exercise, I also highly recommend the Barre method.  I have taken Barre classes at Sweat and Soul Studio in Kaka’ako and it’s a great workout.  Their teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging, and the studio is clean and welcoming.

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