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The New Year’s Resolutions Series shares Nancy’s personal insights and recommendations to support you in achieving your New Year’s Resolutions.  All of the recommendations are things that Nancy has found helpful in her own resolution journey over the years OR things she will be trying out this year.

Earlier this month, I shared how the Nutribullet has been instrumental in my personal “eat-more-vegetables” campaign.

vegetables every dayI wanted to share one more resource that may be helpful if you too are looking to increase you and your family’s vegetable intake.

A few years back my sister-in-law introduced me to an excellent cookbook, Vegetables Every Day: The Definitive Guide to Buying and Cooking Today’s Produce With More Than 350 Recipes.

Sometimes you want to try preparing new and different vegetables but don’t know how.  This A-Z book helps you do it.  This year, my goal is to try out one new recipe in the book a week.  The arugula salad with aged goat cheese and walnuts was deeeeee-lish!


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