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The New Year’s Resolutions Series shares Nancy’s personal insights and recommendations to support you in achieving your New Year’s Resolutions.  All of the recommendations are things that Nancy has found helpful in her own resolution journey over the years OR things she will be trying out in the year to come.

True Confessions…this past fall I had a major breakdown. I was feeling very overwhelmed with work. We were growing—which was a GREAT thing—and I have a lot to learn about stewarding a growing business. I was stressin’!

We also had some clients with some very challenging personal situations. While those situations were OUTSIDE of the scope of our organizing work, I found myself getting emotionally involved and very worried about my clients’ situations.

I ended up having a terrible bout of anxiety and migraines and I had to take a few weeks off work. While it was a very difficult season, it made me realize I needed to make a change. I needed to practice mindfulness and I needed to fully embrace the Serenity Prayer…

Serenity Prayer

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My sister introduced me to Headspace, a meditation app which totally transformed my life. During that difficult period (and nearly every day since), I have practiced mindfulness using Headspace, just 10 minutes a day.

I’m no Jedi Master in the meditation and mindfulness areas just yet, but I’m MUCH better than I was before. My awareness of racing thoughts and runaway emotions is substantially heightened.  Plus, I simply feel much more calm and capable overall.

If doing meditation or practicing mindfulness is one of your New Year’s resolutions, I highly recommend this excellent resource. They also have a 10 day free-trial so you have nothing to lose!

As a side note, while meditation can be a spirtual discipline, this particular style of meditation does not follow a particular religious tradition. See the Headspace FAQ page for more details.

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