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In 2016, we updated our gift certificate policy and now we no longer sell gift certificates.

Some people may think it is crazy for us to say NO to business, but we’ve made this decision with intention after years of experience with good intentions gone wrong in this area of giving the gift of organizing.

Organizing is SUCH a personal process.  For the process to be successful, it requires that a person truly be ready.

One rule that we always follow is to never get between spouses, family members, or roommates.  When we have offered gift certificates in the past, it has put our organizers in difficult (sometimes hostile) situations to work with a client who felt shamed or coerced into the organizing process by their loved one.

If you feel that your loved one needs a little organizational help, please discuss the possibility of using a professional organizer and encourage that person to contact an organizer directly.

We have found that organizing a person who does not WANT the help causes problems among family members.  In addition, the person generally does not “stay” organized because he/she was not yet ready or committed to make a shift towards organization in the first place.

We are always here to help you and support you in your organizing process.  If you have questions about your personal situation, please contact us and we can discuss by phone.

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