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Organizing Coaching

Have you wanted to tackle specific organizing projects for months (maybe years!) but have found it difficult to build in time for traditional in-home organizing sessions with a professional?

This is a common problem for busy people and it’s precisely why we developed our coaching program…

Our exclusive organizing coaching program is a unique, highly-personalized approach to organizing that is designed for very motivated individuals looking to take massive action.

Having been in the organizing business for 15 years, our owner, Nancy, saw a need for organizing coaching that appeals to people who are very eager to get organized but who don’t have the time for traditional 3-4 hour organizing sessions.

The program includes a mix of Zoom virtual organizing sessions, DIY organizing sessions, and daily messaging exchanges to keep up the momentum and progress.

Coaching begins with a complimentary zoom consultation (15 minutes) to assess your needs/goals and determine if the program is a good fit for you.

At that time you will be introduced to the specifics of the program, including pricing options and scheduling processes. Pricing begins at $600.

Program Details

  • All programs begin on Mondays
  • Program options include a 3-day BLAST and a 7-day INTENSIVE
  • Programs include a 5-day “Pre-Program Preparation Period” to prepare you for the program itself
  • Each program requires scheduled daily participation (minimum 30-60 minutes)
  • Due to the preparation needed by both client and coach, advance scheduling is required.
  • Availability limited to 2 coaching clients per week

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How do I know if this is a good program for me?
If you are a highly motivated person who is able to work on your own, this will be a good program for you. Also, if you think of yourself as a “DIY type”, this program will be a good fit.

However, if you find it really hard to do any sort of organizing without someone else present at all times, this probably ISN’T the best option for you. In that case, I recommend bringing an organizer into your home for 1:1 in-person sessions.

Why do you offer intensive programs instead of a little-by-little approach?
A note from Nancy: I do a lot of personal development work and a lot of professional development work. I also work with coaches to get the support I need to accomplish my own goals. I have found that learning by immersion (an intensive approach) is much more powerful and long-lasting that an inch-by-inch approach. When you are laser-focused on something and doing it daily for a period of time, it can become habitual. That is what I want for you…an organized lifestyle that is a part of your regular daily habits.

What happens if I want to continue after my first program?
After your first program, you can sign on for an additional program. Also, if you find that you are doing well on your own after the program, but you want to still want additional support, you may want to consider our maintenance program (one 30-minute coaching session per week for 4 weeks)

NOTE: These programs are not for the faint of heart! If you don’t feel up to the intensity of an immersion program of this nature, now may not be the time to sign up for coaching.

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