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You’ve already identified how you want to sort your print photos (see Step 9).  The work that you start today with this step could very well take hours and hours.  But remember, inch by inch, it’s a cinch!

THE “WHYS” OF STEP 10: You are reviewing/sorting your print photos for 3 reasons:

  1. So you can ultimately store the originals in an organized fashion
  2. So you can cull them before you digitize them
  3. So you can prepare them for digitizing

While you can certainly digitize ALL your print photos, we find that most people have plenty of photos that are NOT “save-worthy”.  

Investing the time to cull your photos today will help you reduce your volume and save you money on digitizing costs. 

Remember back in the day, we took pictures and we couldn’t review them until they were developed.  Many of those pictures did not turn out that well and were not “frame-worthy” (or even “save-worthy”!).


  • If everything is special, nothing is special! Excess causes OVERWHELM.  Think best and brightest!
  • Discard duplicate, blurry, unflattering, excess scenery, unless they tell a story you want to remember.  
  • Throw away “toxic” photos (ones that have negative associations)


  1. Sort by preferred method (which you identified in Step 9).
  2. Identify and flag any photos that require special attention, touch-up, or that you want scanned in the absolute highest quality for wall art or other purposes, 2 sided scans.  (When scan, many people elect to scan the majority of their photos at 300 dpi, but the photos they want to blow up or frame at 600 or higher dpi)
  3. If you have photos of different sizes in the same category, store the same-sized photos together within the category as this is usually required by scanning services. 
  4. Set aside “send-off” photos (ones that you don’t need to keep but others may enjoy receiving by mail).  
  5. Once all the sorting and culling is complete, mail off the “send-off” photos to your loved ones.  They will LOVE the blast from the past arrival! 🙂  Stay tuned for the digitizing step!

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