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It may seem like we are jumping around from print photos to digital photos and back, but there’s a method to our madness!

Your digital photos live in multiple places so we will tackle each place, one by one. NOTE: they don’t need to be organized to be backed up.  Back up your digital photos first (in whatever state they are in) and THEN organize them!

As we mentioned, we recommend FOREVER exclusively for digital backup / cloud storage / photo management.  

If you’ve signed up for the FOREVER free account, now is the time to buy that storage.  


GOOD NEWS! If you have the same photo in multiple places, FOREVER will recognize (via metadata) that the photo or video is already in your account and exact duplicates will NOT be uploaded. 

Remember when we had you move ALL the photos on your computer to one folder.  Upload that folder (and any subfolders) into FOREVER.

Upload the contents of these storage devices into FOREVER

Download the FOREVER app and upload your photos from there.  You can upload ALL your photos or you can select individual photos or albums (such as your favorites) to upload.  These uploads can take a number of days so know they may not appear in FOREVER right away. 

NOTE: You may be uploading a number of “throw-away” pictures, those kind that are by no means keepers but are taken in the moment to remember a phone number or screenshot some information. You may decide to take the time to delete all those from your phone first OR delete them in FOREVER later. 

It is for this reason that some people choose to favorite their keepers and then just upload the “Favorites” folder. 

*If you decide to backup using an external drive instead of FOREVER, the same steps apply!

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