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In step 10 you sorted your print photos (if you have print photos 😊) using your preferred sorting method.  

Now you’ll do the same thing for your digital media. You’ll also cull your photos/videos in the process. (Do you really need 17 photos of your son eating shave ice that day at Matsumoto’s or will 1 or 2 do? 😉)

Investing the time to cull your photos today will help you reduce your volume and save you money on storage costs.  

If you decided to use FOREVER for your cloud storage and photo management solution, head over there to begin the sorting and culling work!


  • If everything is special, nothing is special! Excess causes OVERWHELM. Think best and brightest!
  • Discard duplicate, blurry, unflattering, excess scenery, unless they tell a story you want to remember.  
  • Delete “toxic” photos (ones that have negative associations)


  • If you decided you wanted to sort chronologically, you’re in luck. Digital photos that have been uploaded to FOREVER can be easily sorted by year.  You can create folders by years or decades and move multiple photos over to those new folders in one easy step. 
  • FOREVER also has a tagging option so you can easily pull up photos that “live” in different folders based up a tag like the person’s name or an event name, etc. 

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