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Today is the day!  You’re going to start that process of getting all your precious print and old media memories digitized! 

Here is our detailed photo organizing resource guide which includes the digitizing vendors we recommend. 

While we provide a service of in-home scanning of print photos, we also recommend either FOREVER or Rainbow Photo Video here in Honolulu for digitizing both print photos and other types of media. 

We have PERSONALLY worked with both of these companies. We trust their quality and their service.

With regard to digitizing other types of older media (VHS, audio tapes, etc.):

—>The advantage of using FOREVER is that once the media is digitized, it will be automatically uploaded to your FOREVER storage account.  

—>The advantage of using Rainbow Photo Video is that they’re local.


  1. When scanning photos, the higher the resolution that you scan at, the larger the file size.  
  2. Scanning at 300 dpi is good for your “regular” photos, but 600 dpi or even higher is recommended if you are going to frame pictures or blow them up into poster size. 
  3. If you have photos that need restoration work, both FOREVER and Rainbow Photo Video can work on those special projects. 
  4. Don’t forget about special audio, VHS, and other home movie style tapes you may want include in this digitizing process. 

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