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We’ve talked a lot about the importance of cloud storage backup for your precious memories.  We work exclusively with FOREVER.   Our research about the many different options out there has pointed us to this company for its privacy, long-term vision and legacy planning, and pricing model (one time vs. monthly payments that never stop). 

Your Boot Camp task for today therefore is to sign up for FOREVER cloud storage (one-time payment, OR space this one-time payment over 12 months). 

As discussed in previous steps, you can upload to FOREVER directly from your phone, your tablet, or your computer. 

When you upload original digital media, FOREVER will retain the metadata, including when the picture was taken. 

You can caption, date, and tag media, so there are multiple ways to call up the media that you want.   You may have pictures of “Malia” in many different galleries/folders, but so long as you tag them, you can do a search by the tag “Malia” and all those photos will be pulled from various folders. 

Identify your photo “beneficiaries” in your FOREVER account. These are the people who will be the recipients of your FOREVER collection after you’re gone. 

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