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Today you will make a plan for maintaining your photo organization moving forward. 

Put pen to paper (or computer 😊) and note the following: 

  1. List all the places where you will continue to create/collect media moving forward
  2. List the time intervals which you would like to upload/update the new media collected in those places (we recommend monthly) 
  3. List where those new items will be added (e.g. FOREVER, Hard Drive, off-site external drive, etc.) during these regularly scheduled maintenance sessions
  4. Set reminders in your phone and/or calendar to do this maintenance work. 
  5. Include key dates when you may want to create photo products (such as in the fall in preparation for Christmas gifts)
  6. Identify and connect with an accountability partner who also wants to keep their photos backed up and organized…you two can check in with each other regularly to make sure you’re keeping up with the system you’ve worked so hard to put in place!

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