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Yesterday you worked on putting together a plan for maintaining your photo organization moving forward. 

Today is actually quite similar! 

If you haven’t completed your entire photo organizing project this month (and most people will not have given the volume of the average photo collection), you’ll want to capture some important details

Today you are just going to take 5 minutes to make notes about this project….

You may want to record: 

•    What you have left to complete
•    Anything you need to purchase to complete the project
•    Any people you need to involve in the process moving forward

When we are working with printed photos, we actually like to leave paper notes to ourselves in our photo boxes when we are in the middle of a project. 

We have found that sometimes we might not get back to the project for a week or two and it’s a little hard to remember where we left off.

Notes are so helpful in grounding you and reminding you where you left off and what’s next to do.

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