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If you’re not a list person, today’s Boot Camp task may be a challenge because today is all about lists!

But bear with us, it’ll help the process!

You want to have an inventory of where all your photos are stored so you’ll be sure to include EVERYTHING in this process.

Refer to your self-assessment where you’ve recorded some of the details needed for today’s tasks:

  1. Make Lists
    1. All places where print photos live.
    2. All places where digital photos live.
    3. Any other media you’d like to digitize (audio, VHS, Video8 tapes etc.)
    4. Any photo books, posters, or other products you’d like to produce with your digitized photos.
  2. Make notes of any potential new media sources in the future (i.e. a child who will be getting a phone and will have photos to add to the family collection)
  3. Prepare a place in your home where you will stage this project.  Depending upon your volume of print photos, may need a fair amount of space like a dining room table. Make sure this space is protected from heat and direct sunlight.  Heat and light both cause degradation on printed photos and could potentially damage digital media storage devices.

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