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Today you will determine how many backup sources you feel comfortable with moving forward. 

We recommend a minimum of 3 back-up sources. For example:

  1. The print photo OR a digital version on your computer hard drive
  2. An off-site external drive (that you update/add to at scheduled intervals)
  3. Secure cloud storage (FOREVER)

If you don’t have an external drive that you can use exclusively for this purpose, pick one up today.  Be sure it’s big enough to hold all the photos and other digital media you have now and expect to take in the future (1TB or more recommended).

Today, you’ll also want to decide which cloud storage option you will use for storing your digital photos.

As we’ve mentioned earlier in Boot Camp, we exclusively recommend FOREVER for cloud backups and digital photo management. 


All Boot Camp participants should’ve received an invitation to a complimentary 2GB FOREVER account.  If you haven’t signed up for your free account yet, you can do so here.  

P.S. You may be asking, if you have a cloud backup, why would you need an external hard drive.  We recommend this for peace of mind, just in case somebody breaks the internet 😉. It’s kind of like insurance, you never expect to or want to use it, but you’re glad you have it!

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