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Today, gather all digital media.

Start with your primary computer. If you haven’t done so already, create a folder and move ALL photo and video files into that folder. (You may already have sub-folder structure set-up; that’s great too). 

If you have another computer that has photos/videos on it, do the same thing.

Collect all your SD cards, flash drives, and any other external drives that have photo/video media on them. 

The lion’s share of your recent photos likely resides on your phone so you’ll want that handy during this process too.

If you have additional photos on your tablet, old phones, or family member’s phones, keep those nearby as well. 

In Step 4, we talked about having one external drive that will be used as a part of your backup plan.  This should be exclusive to your photo project and not used for anything else.  

(As you’ll see later, we also suggest storing this somewhere other than your home, so you won’t want anything on it that you’ll need on a daily basis).

If you haven’t yet picked up this 1TB external drive, get on that TODAY!

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