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Photo Organizing Boot Camp

One of the most daunting of all organizing tasks is organizing your photos. 

There are just so many different elements involved in a photo organizing project AND so much at stake.  Unlike furniture, if you lose or damage your photos, in a fire, for example, they truly cannot be replaced.

Woman overwhelmed with photos all around her

That’s why this September, in honor of “Save Your Photos” month, we are hosting a FREE Photo Organizing Boot Camp. 

We have taken our signature Aloha Organizers 9-step Photo Organizing process and broken it down into smaller bite-sized chunks, which we will deliver to your email inbox every weekday from September 1-25, 2020.

Your daily email will provide detailed directions for the day, plus additional recommended resources.  

Like our previous challenges, we recommend you set aside 30 minutes per weekday when you can work on the day’s photo organizing task.

DISCLAIMER: Most full-scale photo organizing projects take 40 hours (or more!). You may not be able to complete your entire photo collection in September, but nonetheless, you will be given the detailed steps to do so as time allows in the future.

What’s more…throughout the challenge, all Boot Camp participants have complimentary email access to Aloha Organizers owner, Nancy, who is a certified photo organizer, and Aloha Organizers team member, Bill, who is in the process of completing his certification. We are here to answer questions and present personalized solutions to any difficulties you run into along the way.

We got you!

Ready to slay that photo dragon? 

Sign on today!