Oahu has many great resources to support residents and businesses in the organizing process.

Cash for Clutter

  • Gazelle (Sell your phone and electronics)
  • ReBag (Sell your designer handbags)


If what you are getting rid of cannot be recycled or donated and is in fact trash, here are some resources related to disposal.


Often clients feel better about donating items (clothes, books, household items, furniture) rather than throwing them away. However, if the item is not in working condition, it is usually best to throw it out so the receiving agencies do not have to do so.

Here are some great local resources for passing along gently-used items. It is recommended to inquire within each individual organization to determine which specific type of donation items they take.


eWaste (electronic waste) is an increasingly common disposal item.

The Department of Environmental Services offers guidelines/resource for how to properly dispose of ewaste.

List Removal

From junk mail to unwanted calls, list removal can be a great investment.


Moving can be a great stress, but hiring movers can help alleviate some of it.


Contact us for recommendations on photo-related resources.  Our membership in APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) gives us access to the latest resources in photo storage, preservation, and digitization of photos.


Living on an island, recycling is critically important in the effort to preserve and sustain the land. Here are some resources for helping you do so.


With the rise in fraudulent activity, shredding confidential and personal information is increasingly important.  In addition to your own home or office shredder, there are shredding services which can assist you with your shredding and data destruction needs.

Storage Accessories

Maximizing storage is key in optimizing your home for greater organization.  Here are some products that may help:

This page is a work in progress and we are always open to listing additional resources…please Contact us if you have one to share.