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I heard a sermon some time ago that has stuck with me. The topic was on  “revelation and application”. What does this mean? You get a “revelation” from the Bible or directly from God, an inspired truth, an ah-ha, a new way of looking at something. This revelation provides promise and direction in your life. So what should naturally come next? APPLICATION! It’s time to apply that awesome new perspective that you’ve just gained.

But that’s where we often get stuck. We have the revelation, but there’s no application. We remain stagnant. Why? Probably because change is hard.  And “I’ve been this way all my life”.  And old habits die hard.

Here’s an example…
Let’s say I get the revelation that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). I mean I REALLY get it, not just in my head but in my heart, deep down in my bones. I realize that I am a masterfully-crafted. I’m a work of art. (That’s the revelation).

If, even with that “new” knowledge, I continue to talk about

  • How clumsy I am
  • How my complexion is flawed
  • How my hair is too frizzy
  • How my fair skin makes me look like Casper the friendly ghost

Well then I clearly haven’t applied the revelation.

Revelation + NO Application = Stagnancy


I am convinced, however, that if we walk out the formula, if we apply the “lessons learned” we will be TRANSFORMED!

I cannot tell you how often people come up to me and talk to me about different organizing books they’ve read or concepts they’ve found interesting. They are fired up by the knowledge, but it’s not changing their lives. Why? They haven’t applied it! It’s swirling around in their head, but they haven’t done the hands-on work.

Yesterday I worked with a lovely client who is a learner and a thinker by nature. She loves ingesting new organizing concepts and she is chock-full of revelation. It was the application part that eluded her.

So I challenged her, “can we start applying today? Can we do the hands-on work?”

She was extremely nervous. Rightly so, it was a scary new territory she was entering. I asked her to trust me and to just give me 10 minutes. We would set the timer and see how the decluttering process worked in practice, NOT just in theory.

And you know what happened? SHE KICKED CLUTTER’S BUTT!!!! She SOARED. At the start, her anxiety level was an 8 or 9 out of 10. Within the first 10 minutes it dropped dramatically and we continued decluttering for two more hours! We broke through a block that I feel is the beginning of a whole new way of organizing for her.

I truly believe that she’s moved into a place of real progress on her organizing journey. Enough revelation…on with the application! ONWARD!

Revelation + Application = PROGRESS

Where are you NOT applying a revelation you’ve gained in your life? Why?

Probably because it’s really scary. It’s scary to face that area in your house (or your life or your heart) that has been untouched for so long. The anticipation is a killer, I know. But, oh the joy of victory…

Yesterday, for my client, it came in the form of 4 contractor bags of garbage, a bunch of items set aside for the neighborhood garage sale, gleeful exhaustion, and the promise of a new way of being…

Imagine what “application” might do for you…

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