The natural result of an organizing project is often a whole bunch of items set aside to donate.

One thing that stops up clients in this phase of the organizing process is that the donation pile sits at their front door for weeks.  It can be very deflating to be tripping over the donation pile after a particularly productive organizing session (and there’s also the risk that some of those purged items may make their way back into the home).

There are a couple quick and easy solutions.

1) Load your car with the donations immediately after the project
If you aren’t available to take them to the donation spot right then, schedule it in your calendar to do so in the next 48 hours.  If I go this route, I put the donation on my front seat so its presence there will *annoy* me and I’ll be sure to drop it off STAT! 😉

2) Coordinate a donation pickup via
Donate Together Hawaii is a partnership between three local charities to do donation pickups in Oahu neighborhoods every week.

The partnership includes United Cerebral Palsy, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Kidney Foundation.  A quick search of the three charities neighborhood pickup schedule at helps you easily determine which charity will be in your neighborhood that week so you can schedule a pickup accordingly.

It’s very easy to schedule a pickup online and they even send you an email reminder prior to your scheduled day so you remember to leave the items out.

We have some clients who like to schedule a pickup regularly just because it forces them to continually declutter and generate more donations for these organizations.

P.S.  I am considering putting together a discussion group for the new year.  It would be an 8-week session, based on the inspirational downsizing book I’ve been talking about, “Let It Go” by Peter Walsh.  The cost would be nominal ($40 total for all 8 sessions, plus the cost of the book), and the meetings would take place on Wednesdays in Kaimuki from 9AM-10AM, starting the first week in January.

Is this something that may interest you?  Please contact me with your thoughts!

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