Aloha Organizers recommends all clients begin with a JUMPSTART service. This one-time cost-effective session allows you to “try us on for size” and determine whether we are a good fit for your needs. After your JUMPSTART, you may decide to continue on your own or you may want to book subsequent sessions. This is the recommended course of action for our services. If you feel that a consultation is required, see below for details.

  • In-person Consultations are NOT provided for smaller projects ($1,000 or less).  For these, we typically recommend JUMPSTART service.
  • Consultations are charged at the starting rate of $200, plus tax (specific pricing dependent upon the specific location on the island).
  • 10 minute complimentary PHONE consultation ($25 value) available upon request
  • 10-minute complimentary Skype/FaceTime consultation ($25 value) available upon request