Estate Organizing

There are two facets of estate organizing and we can help with both.

1)    Estate Paperwork Organization

This involves helping you organize all your estate paperwork in order to make things easier for your loved ones at the time of your passing.

Often people do not take care of this prior to their death or their advancement in age. In these cases, their family members are left in chaos and confusion which compounds the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one.

We help you have those conversations and start thinking about the future through our “Your Loving Legacy” Estate Organizing program.

2)    Post-Death Estate Administration

This involves supporting the family members of the deceased in all aspects of estate administration including but not limited to:

  • Organizing memorial services
  • Coordinating memorial slideshows and collages
  • Organizing estate paperwork in preparation for estate taxes
  • Facilitating estate sales and personal property distribution

It is NEVER too early to get your estate plan in order.  This is by far the GREATEST gift you can leave your family…a truly “Loving Legacy.”

Contact us to request our complimentary “Estate Organization Document Checklist” which will help you jumpstart the process!