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“Spring Organizing Sprints” Virtual Organizing Sessions

In these unique times, do you feel like you need a lifeline? We can help!

Since 2008, we have provided in-person sessions to help people get organized so they can do what they were born to do.

In May 2020, as we are not currently able to go into client’s homes, we are offering VIRTUAL Zoom sessions through our new Spring Organizing Sprints or “SOS” Program.

This means anyone and everyone with a steady internet connection can participate.  With the one-on-one attention of your virtual “organizer coach”, you can tackle any small area in your home.

In this quick overview, we’ll tell you…

  • How it works
  • Pricing
  • “SOS” Session Step-by-Step
  • How to sign up
  • How to prepare for your session
  • Tools for session success
  • Session Agreements


You connect on Zoom during your designated appointment time to tackle your goals with the virtual guidance of your organizer coach.

In a “sprint”, you won’t have the time to address an entire room or area. Rather, you’ll focus on a “micro-area” within the larger space.  Examples may be one cabinet, one drawer, one shelf, one stack of mail to process, etc.

The Sprint will JUMPSTART your organizing process and give you the skills and motivation to continue on your own.


Prices reflect deep discounts off our standard rates and are effective only through May 31, 2020.

  • 30 minutes, $20.00 (plus GET)
  • 60 minutes, $35.00 (plus GET)
  • 90 minutes, $49.00 (plus GET)


  1. Client and organizer coach meet on Zoom.
  2. In the opening of the session, client and organizer coach discuss the specific small area to tackle and the client’s goal.  Then client tackles that specific area with the guidance of their organizer coach. 
  3. In closing of the session, client and organizer coach discuss next steps and additional sessions, as desired by client. 
  4. Organizer emails session notes to client. 
  5. If requested by client, organizer posts session video online for client’s private access.
  6. Client spends the 30 minutes immediately following the session working on follow-up actions. 
  7. Client texts organizer at the end of the 30 minutes of follow-up work to give a progress update.


  1. Complete the easy online form to provide basic information about your needs/goals.
  2. Book and pay for 30, 60, or 90-minute appointment on our easy online scheduling platform. 


  1. Decide what device you will use (phone, tablet, laptop) and how it will be propped up during the session (e.g. tripod or other prop).
  2. Gather any supplies you may need for the session.

Ready to schedule? Go here.


  • A stable internet connection
  • A phone, tablet, or laptop 
  • A tripod or other apparatus to prop up phone if using phone for Zoom
  • Bins or boxes for sorting
  • Folders (if processing paperwork)
  • Phone set to off or on do-not-disturb
  • Another family member to look after small children if you have them

Ready to schedule? Go here.

In order for the session to be a success, we ask you to review and agree to the following statements.

  • Virtual organizing requires a high degree of commitment since you are the only person on-site doing the hands-on work. You are motivated and able to work on your own, with the virtual guidance of your organizer coach.

  • You are comfortable with technology and have a phone, tablet, or laptop that you can use for the Zoom session.

  • You have a stable internet connection that will ensure the likelihood of an uninterrupted session. As needed, you will request that fellow household members refrain from being on Zoom or any streaming service during your session in order to preserve bandwidth and improve the quality of the Zoom connection.

  • The area where you intend to work is accessible. (Garages or other rooms that are completely filled up don’t work well with the virtual organizing format).

  • You understand the session fee includes your pre-set 30, 60, or 90 minutes on Zoom with the organizer coach, as well as ONE follow-up text exchange. You further understand that if you need additional coaching/assistance, you can get that assistance through a follow-up appointment.

  • You understand that your sprint session will jumpstart the organizing process and that follow-up work will naturally generate as a result of this session. You will, therefore, set aside the 30 minutes immediately following your session for follow-up work.

  • You understand that accountability is helpful in accomplishing your organizing goals. You will, therefore, text your organizer coach at the end of the 30 minutes of “on my own” time to give them a status update and close the accountability loop.

  • We can record your virtual organizing session in order to be able to share it with you. If you would like the recording, a YouTube account is required. You will advise us of your YouTube username so we can upload this private video and you can access it through your YouTube account.

Do you agree to these statements and you’re ready to schedule? Go here.