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Tax time is right around the corner.  Confused about all the documentation you’ll need to have to either prepare your own taxes or provide to a professional tax preparer, accountant, or CPA?

Here is a little cheat sheet of the documentations you will need to file your taxes:

  • Social Security Number
  • From your Employer: W-2 & Final Paycheck of the Tax Year
  • If you’re Self Employed
    • Receipts/bills for work-related expenses (actual receipts vs. just Quickbooks entries, check register, or credit card statements)
    • Mileage record for work-related expenses
  • 1099-MISC (If you are an Independent Contractor)
  • 1099-INT  Interest earnings
  • 1099-DIV Dividend earnings (stocks, mutual funds, money market accounts)
  • 1099-B Reports on earnings from broker transactions if you use a broker
  • Year-end financial statement for investment/retirement accounts
  • 1098 Mortgage lender (indicates amount of interest you paid on personal home, vacation home, rental property, equity line of credit)
  • Property Taxes (on your 1098 if paid out of an escrow account or separate documentation if paid out of pocket)
  • Any state or local taxes (some states/counties charge “personal property tax” on vehicles or boats)
  • Receipts for charitable giving
  • Receipts for medical expenses (in some cases, may be deductible, check with a tax professional to determine your own eligibility)
  • Accounting Software Printout or electronic file (to send to tax preparer)
  • Copy of last year’s taxes (for reference)

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