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A periodic “refreshing” of your phone contacts can feel oddly liberating!  What a PERFECT time to review your phone contacts as you’ve likely been reaching out to friends/loved ones that you haven’t connected with in a while due to the Coronavirus situation.

  • Set aside 15 minutes for this task…and an additional time (30-60 minutes or more) to send texts or make calls to contacts after you’re done! If you start sending texts or making calls during the contacts update process you may get sidetracked! 😉
  • Scroll through contacts from A-Z, deleting any that are no longer relevant or are toxic (also block, as appropriate).
  • While not technically “decluttering”, this is a great opportunity to also update contact data such as…
    • Last names due to marriage or divorce
    • Add birthdays of VIPs for whom you’d like a reminder on your phone when their special day arrives
    • Addresses for contacts who’ve moved
    • Special things you want to remember about someone (like kids’ names)…store this info in the notes section of the contact

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