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Many of us have monthly and annual subscriptions for things that we do not use.  As everyone is looking to spend less during these financially challenging times, take time today to eliminate unneeded subscriptions that are automatically deducted from your account!

  • Discontinue any paid apps that you don’t use…you’ll save money and space on your phone.
  • Stop any other media subscriptions you don’t use (live streaming video subscriptions, music subscriptions, extra cable channels, newspapers, magazines, professional journals).  Often we have multiple media services and tend to only use a couple…what could you do with that $120 a year (per subscription!) that you will save? A lot!
  • Discontinue network marketing subscriptions (beauty products, supplements, travel memberships) you don’t use…often after the initial order, the products build up because we haven’t gotten into the habit of using them regularly.

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