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Many people are washing sheets and towels more often than before in efforts to reduce germ spread. The linen closet is therefore getting a lot of use!  Used by everyone in the family, this is one of those areas that can easily become cluttered. Having labels and controlling volume can help!

  • Take everything out of the linen closet and sort like items together.
  • Determine how many of each item you need (e.g. 2-3 bath towels for each family member, 2 sets of sheets for each bed). Then keep only the “best and brightest” linens, setting aside the rest for donation.
  • When returning items, put the most frequently-used items (towels) on the easiest access shelves that are waist or chest high, and lesser-used items (e.g. formal tablecloths and linen napkins) up high or down low.

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