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An organized pantry makes meal planning and cooking much easier.

  • Take everything (yes, everything!) out of the pantry and sort like items together.
  • Toss expired food and set aside unopened food you know your family will not eat. (Reach out to the Hawaii Food Bank to find out their protocol for donations during the shelter-in-place order…many recent news stories have highlighted that donations are down and need is up. What a great time to donate food!)
  • If you have a cavernous pantry where food gets lost, here are some ideas for when the shelter-in-place order is lifted.
    • Install pull-out drawers or…
    • Corrall items together in pantry bins like the ones seen above

P.S. Before your purchase bins or pull-out drawers, be sure to measure your pantry spaces before you buy so you can ensure all will fit!

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