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Many people have multiple sets of kitchen plates, flatware, and glasses, but only use one set regularly.

  • Put your daily use plates and glassware in the prime real estate of your kitchen cabinets where they are easy to pull out and put away.
  • Store less-used sets (your second set of dishes, high-ball glasses you only use for parties, etc.) up high or down low…it’s OK for these things to live in those harder-to-reach spots since you use them infrequently.
  • Use those “special” plates/silver/glasses…TODAY! If you’re saving delicate china, silver, or crystal for “a special occasion”, consider that today (even every day) is a special occasion. Things were made to be used.  Consider whether keeping things permanently stored up on a shelf is truly the best and highest use of them.  If you use them and they break, so what! At the end of the day, stuff is just stuff, and it’s the people that use the stuff that really matter!

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