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A workspace inspires creativity and flow when you are working. Focus can be really difficult at home with so many people around and the constant, underlying concerns related to the Coronavirus situation.

Let’s create workspaces that inspire a sense of order and peace!

  • If you have an actual desk at home, take a piece of paper and draw out what your ideal desktop looks like…where do supplies go?  Where do file folders go? You’ll be able to refer back to this “desk map” in the future if things get cluttered again.
  • Put “hot” supplies and folders (those used every day) in easy-to-access places on your desktop. “Warm” items (those used less often) and “cold” items (those used infrequently) don’t need to live on your desktop taking up prime real estate…they can be tucked away in drawers or bins.
  • Create an “inbox” where all incoming items can live before they are processed.  This is a perfect spot for unopened mail.  Establish a set time each day or even each week to process this physical inbox. Set a reminder or alarm on your phone or Alexa for this daily/weekly “process date”.

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